AbKey Manufacturers

Our main suppliers for our bespoke security installations include, but are not restricted to:


honeyA company that invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world’s toughest challenges in security.

The Galaxy range of intruder alarm control equipment provides a fully flexible range to meet customer needs for bespoke security installations.

Paxton Access Systems

paxPaxton Access Ltd is a market leading manufacturer of electronic access control systems.


Established in 1985, Paxton has aims for engineering excellence, designing and manufacturing intelligent and innovative products that are fit for purpose.


scSmokeCloak is the market leader in security fog products, helping to reduce losses in the initial minutes of a break-in or reducing personal risk at fire training sessions.


videxVidex Security is now recognised as a UK market leader in the supply and manufacture of audio, video door entry and access control products.

If you have any other systems in place at your premises, then please contact us for further information as our engineers are familiar with the products of many other manufacturers.