Installing an Intruder Alarm System – under time pressure

An existing client in the West Midlands, with whom we have enjoyed a successful relationship with for 6 years, and who already has 2 other major sites of multiple discipline security installations installed and maintained by Vaults, had a security problem with a large warehouse at another business venture.

An alarm system, installed by another alarm company over 10 years before and maintained by a different company to the original installer, had failed and the maintaining company was not able to offer any assistance either as a repair, a temporary solution or an upgrade.

We attended site at short notice and managed to restart the security systems. We were also able to achieve a ‘set’ status for part of the system. Unfortunately this initial success was short lived, and the next time the system was used the control equipment failed and we were back to a point where the system was non-operational.

This was on a Wednesday.

Time really was of the essence so we were given the order to carry out an upgrade on the control equipment. We were also asked to complete the installation as soon as possible because manned guarding had to be employed to keep insurance cover active, which had a significant cost implication to our client.

The installation required additional fault rectification above and beyond the original scope of works was completed and handed over to the client with temporary signalling system to the alarm receiver centre.

The final handover was completed the following Monday.

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