Access Control Systems

We design, install and maintain access control systems that significantly reduce the possibility of opportunist theft, malicious damage and unauthorised entry to property.

Electronic access control systems provide the most efficient and effective way of securing your building and protecting your staff.

Key Elements:

All of our access control systems, whether for access control gates or access control doors, come with proximity readers for use with cards or fobs. Keypads are also available if required.

Flexible control allows you to set the user access rights you want for your access control system.

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What is Access Control?

Access control provides the most efficient way of permitting or restricting individuals’ physical access to a building, site or even to specific areas and rooms in order to secure a building and protect individuals. These systems can be applied to any doors, gates, barriers, turnstiles and even lifts. Ranging from simple standalone systems controlling one or two doors, or to an integrated network that covers multiple buildings.

How does Access Control work?

Access control systems mainly restrict who can enter and exit a site, a building or specific areas of the building. 


  • Controlled from software installed on a central PC 
  • Controls from one or two doors to multiple doors or gates
  • Two or more systems can be networked over a building or across several sites. 
  • Set access rights for personnel
  • Access rights can be used to access all areas or restrict to certain areas only
  • Set time schedules for doors to open or locked at specific times of the day. 
  • Can be used in any size of Company or Education facility.
  • Standalone systems are available for smaller sites with only one or two doors. 

We design, install and maintain access control systems specifically to meet your requirements, to include proximity tokens, cards and intercoms. 

Access Control can be fully integrated with CCTV, intruder alarms and fire alarms.

What is a Networkable Access Control system?

Networkable Access Control systems are more commonly used for sites managing multiple doors, entrances and individual users and to simplify the management process. Networkable does as it’s name suggests with the entire system being controlled ‘over the network’ via a central PC.

The user is able to manage every single door/gate or other entrance integrated to the system and send commands to them such as suspending user tokens, to open doors and to set up time zones.

We predominantly work with Paxton Access who provide Net2 range systems which are user friendly and easy to maintain following the initial installation. For further information on Paxton click here to get in touch.

The benefits of Access Control

  • Access control enables you to restrict access to specific areas and control who is allowed on site, helping you to regulate movement throughout the site. 
  • Flexible control allows you to set user access rights as required to restrict access to areas at specific times of the day or allow temporary access to these areas. 
  • Access control significantly reduces the possibility of opportunist theft, malicious damage and unauthorised entry to your building. 
  • Helps to create a safe environment for staff, visitors and pupils.. 
  • Significantly enhances safeguarding in education facilities.
  • Roll Call features are available for use in the event of an emergency, lockdown or fire alarm.(Net 2 Professional software) 
  • No need to issue new keys or change locks when you need to limit access.  
  • Control the doors using a mobile app.

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