A complex access control system for a Training Facility in Birmingham:

At Vaults we are privileged to work closely with several leading manufacturers and developers. From time to time they recommend our services for security installation work to prospective clients, giving us the opportunity to quote for projects. This case study is an example of this process, resulting in an access control system installation.

A business owner had employed a facilitator to design, appoint a main contractor and then oversee the works required to fit out a site which was to be a training centre for apprentices from different companies to attend various training courses, both classroom and workshop based.

A software system for registration, along with other tools for assessing student progress, accessible to the attendees’ companies, had been agreed upon. However, a means of securing the site and its many rooms was required as part of one bespoke security solution.

This work was placed with a London based company, and it quickly became apparent to the facilitator that a mistake had been made, because this company were unable to meet the very tight time schedule and nor could they guarantee the back-up and response times the end user needed.

Now in a difficult position, the facilitator looked at several different access control solutions, deciding on the Paxton Access solution, before contacting an approved installer in the area, which is where we came in.

At our first planning meeting it It became obvious very quickly that the standards required were high and the time short. In addition, we had to get to grips quickly with the operational requirements that had not been understood properly by the London based company.

Two days later, Vaults began the installation of a system comprising over 30 doors using the Paxton ‘Paxlock’ locking system, a further 6 doors with full ‘read in – read out’ facility, lift control, biometrics using finger print recognition, and a bespoke software package, designed and built using Paxton’s approved software development kits.

We were also commissioned to design and print the identity style access control cards and bespoke lanyards, a service we offer to many of our clients, and one which, because we print in house, we can turn around very quickly, often within 24 hours.

We completed the job on time and have gone on to install the intruder alarm system and engineer several special operational requirements on the site.


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