Introducing Dahua Thermal Imaging Cameras

We recently fitted some Dahua thermal imaging cameras at one of our sites to improve their overall security and management.

Thermal cameras provide enhanced coverage in darker environments making them an ideal option for monitoring perimeters of a site outside of normal working hours.

Of course these benefits are not limited as they can also be used to monitor heat sources for example in case a fire breaks out in high risk areas, thus offering prevention of damage and protection.

For this client though, enhanced perimeter protection was their number one priority.

The thermal cameras we installed were set up with a monitoring station to ensure any activations on the cameras would be reported in a matter of seconds. The desired course of action would then be carried out; from an automated warning message through speakers on site to contacting the local authorities/keyholders to attend urgently.

These cameras significantly enhanced this clients security and they have the reassurance that they will be covered in the event of an activation.